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Landscape Maintenance 

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Lambert’s Landcare offers lawn mowing as a season service

to Worcester County, Boylston, Shrewsbury, and surrounding areas.

Our detailed and trained lawn techs, take the time to remove any debris off the lawn before mowing. We preform mowing on a weekly basis to keep Fescue, Rye, and Kentucky Blue grass maintained at a proper height of 2-4”; depending on growth rate, temperature change and  time of season.  The mowing direction will be alternated each visit, whenever possible, to prevent compaction and enhance your lawn’s appearance. Our equipment is maintained under a regular schedule to ensure excellent working conditions and safety.  During fall season visits; maintained lawn areas, walks, and parking areas will be cleaned of any leaves, as needed before mowing.


Spring & Fall cleanups

We preform clean-ups at the beginning of spring to remove; sand, twigs, branches, and leaves from your lawn and plant beds. Clean-ups provide a faster lawn recovery time; through the removal of snow

mold, and by un-matting intertwined grass from heavy snow accumulation. During your Spring cleanup our team will dethatch the lawn to get it ready for the season. Early spring is a great time to aerate your lawn to help compaction in your soil and allow; sunlight, water and fertilizer to easily infiltrate to the lawn root structure.

Fall Cleanups entail removing leaves, sticks, acorns and thatch buildup from your lawn and landscape areas. We dormant prune any  perennial plants, grasses, and shrubs that have past their annual bloom. Our team takes the time to make sure that your property is ready for the hard winter that New England is known for. We offer various types of Fall Clean-up programs that best fit you and your property needs. Please call for your free estimate today!


Lawn Care & Fertilization Programs

Are you ready to enjoy the summer on your property, but don't have time to feed your lawn with the proper nutrients and attention?  Our team of dedicated individuals, know what it takes to keep your lawn looking healthy, and great. Our certified specialist take vivid detail during applications, to entail a even distribution of fertilizer throughout the property. Lambert's Landcare has develpoed the proper  and Best Pest Management practices to keep your lawn , shrubs and trees healthy and looking there best. We clean any application residual to provide an eco-friendly application that leaves your property looking neat and well managed. Please continue reading to see our lawn care programs:

  • Multi-step Lawn Fertilization Programs

  • Organic Lawn Applications

  • Grub Management

  • Lime Applications

  • Weed Control

  • Pest Management

  • Slice seeding

  • Tree / shrub fertilization  & deep root injections

  • Aeration & Over seeding

  • Top soiling & Organic top soiling

Plant Pruning

Proper Trimming of  hedges/shrubs, plants and ornamental trees is a art for our trained and  knowable staff. Our careful  precise trimming /pruning is assured to provide healthy growth year after year. Plant and tree trimming are vital aspects of landscape maintenance to keep your property looking aesthetically pleasing; and to keep uniform to the landscape. Proper pruning will reduce the disease susceptibility that plants and trees encounter through broken and weak limbs. All trimmings will be cleaned during service. Please call for your free estimate!


Mulch Installations

Mulching is a simple and easy way to enrich the appearance and function of your property. Our team evenly and carefully applies mulch throughout your plant and flower beds; to create a weed and heat barrier. We put extra effort into your property when mulching to keep the mulch from piling around the flower and plant stem. Mulch retains moisture for plants and flowers to

absorb; which reduce the amount of watering in drought periods. Mulching is a great way to provide healthy plant and flower growth through the added benefit of soil temperature regulation. Our team begins preparing the mulch bed areas by; edging, weeding, and cleaning of any debris. We neatly and carefully cleanup any mulch on walkways and paved surfaces to keep your property looking neat and well maintained. Please call for your free estimate!


Irrigation Services

We offering Spring irrigation turn on and adjustment services. Also we offer sprinkler repair and irrigation zone add ons and fall winterization.

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