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Are you ready to enjoy the summer on your property, but don't have time to feed your lawn with the proper nutrients and attention?  Our team of dedicated individuals, know what it takes to keep your lawn looking healthy, and great. Our certified specialist take vivid detail during applications, to entail a even distribution of fertilizer throughout the property. We clean any application residual to provide an eco-friendly application that leaves your property looking neat and well managed. Please continue reading to see our lawn care programs:

  • Multi-step lawn fertilization Programs

  • Organic Lawn Applications

  • Grub Management

  • Lime Applications

  • Weed Control

  • Pest Management

  • Soil Analysis

  • Aeration & Over seeding

Multi-Step Lawn Applications

We incorporate balanced nutrients and fertilizers into a scheduled maintenance regime; to develop a healthy root system, and to prevent infestations and disease in your lawn.  We place careful timing on all of our applications to provide superior benefit  to our customers and their property.


  • Pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
  • Fast and slow release application, balanced for spring green-up with root development and increased turf density


  • Broad-leaf weed control
  • Balanced  application for long lasting green and resistance to summer stress


  • Grub proofing, help prevent grub infestation and lawn invasions of grubs/larva
  • Balanced  application for long lasting green and resistance to summer stress


  • Fast and slow release application, balanced for fall color and recovery from summer stress


  •  Balanced application for root development and winter hardiness

Lime Applications

New England soil is naturally acidic and the application of lime in the proper quantity and frequency is an essential to the health and beauty of your lawn. Liming allows nutrients to be available for the grass plants, and adds calcium and magnesium to the turf.

Aeration & Over seeding
Lambert's Landcare provides Worcester County with the same appearance

that golf courses and estates receive. We bring core aeration to the market in

early fall to remove core soil plugs from your lawn and bring them to lie on the

surface. This service will encourage a thicker and deeper lawn root system;

loosen compacted soil, and enhance absorption of water and reduce thatch.

After aerating the lawn we will evenly apply seed over the lawn for added benefit,

if requested. Seeding now will help build a thick dense lawn that will shade out

weeds and disease. Please call for your free estimate!