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Landscape Maintenance:

Weed Control

All undesirable plant material growing in mulch beds are controlled by mechanical or chemical means. For all chemical applications, a licensed technician applies a non-selective herbicide to the leaf of the undesirable plant, causing it to wilt away within 1 – 2 weeks. Any undesirable plant that is close enough to a desirable plant and cannot be treated chemically without the risk of also treating the desirable plant will be manually pulled.

Plant and Tree care
We deliver quality, careful, and propionate hedge/shrub trimming, plant pruning and tree care to meet every homeowner’s wants and needs. Our careful and precise trimming and pruning is assured to provide healthy growth year after year. Plant and tree trimming are vital aspects of landscape maintenance to keep your property looking aesthetically pleasing; and to keep uniform to the landscape. Proper pruning will reduce the disease susceptibility that plants and trees encounter through broken limbs and weak limbs. All trimmings will be cleaned during service. Please call for your free estimate!

Mulch Installations

Mulching is a simple and easy way to enrich the appearance

and function of your property. Our team evenly and carefully

applies mulch throughout your plant and flower beds; to create

a weed and heat barrier. We put extra effort into your property

when mulching to keep the mulch from piling around the flower

and plant stem. Mulch retains moisture for plants and flowers to

absorb; which reduce the amount of watering in drought periods.

Mulching is a great way to provide healthy plant and flower growth

through the added benefit of soil temperature regulation. Our team

begins preparing the mulch bed areas by; edging, weeding, and

cleaning of any debris. We neatly and carefully cleanup any mulch

on walkways and paved surfaces to keep your property looking

neat and well maintained. Please call for your free estimate!